Jamie Lee Nudie - Owner / Nudie Girl #1

Jamie was born to Barbara Cohn and Sun Studio sensation Jimmy Wilson in North Hollywood, California. The granddaughter of Nudie and Bobbie, Jamie grew up in Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, greeting the stars and clientele with the always friendly Nudie persona. Jamie has three children and lives in Santa Clarita, California.  She is currently working on many projects pertaining to the Nudie legacy, and is the author of Nudie the Rodeo Tailor: The Life and Times of the Original Rhinestone Cowboy. Leatherwork, custom boots, silverwork, embroidery, rhinestones, and the best rodeo tailoring money can buy can be still be ordered from Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, via our products page.

Mary Lynn Cabrall - Nudie Girl #2

Mary Lynn Cabrall was born in Castro Valley, California, and always dreamed of becoming a cowgirl and an artist. As a teenager, she moved to Sonoma County, acquired her own horse and began to show in her 4-H club. Although she couldn't afford the fancy silver tack and arena-ready horses of some of her peers, she learned how to tool leather and admired the traditional craftsmanship of the equestrian arts. She met Bobbie and Jamie Nudie in 1994, as Nudie's Rodeo Tailors on Lankershim was closing. Long fascinated with Nudie, the experience of being in the store was a revelation. After moving to Nashville, Mary acquired an antique chainstitch embroidery machine and took up the dying art, to recreate Nudie Suits the traditional way. She works to re-create the Nudie magic in embroidery, rhinestones, leather and silver, and keeps the legacy of "Embellishing the West Since 1947" alive. Mary currently resides in Las Vegas.



Like a Rhinestone Cowboy, Rodeo Tailor Nudie Cohn Rides into History with Comprehensive New Book on His Life

From Hank Williams to Roy Rogers, from Elvis to John Lennon, only one man made clothing that was fabulous enough to be worn by the undeniable legends of Country and Rock and Roll music. Only one man set stage fashion on its end, and clothed Hollywood’s elite. This man was the first ever to put rhinestones on clothing, and certainly the first to put them on a Cadillac. He was the Original Rodeo Tailor—Nudie Cohn.

Now comes the first book ever to tell the whole story of this larger-than-life personality, Nudie the Rodeo Tailor: The Life and Times of the Original Rhinestone Cowboy (Gibbs Smith, Publisher, $29.95 HC, 1-58685-381-3, 10 x 9 in., 160 pgs., 150 Photos, May) by Jamie Lee Nudie and Mary Lynn Cabrall.